Cobourg Harbour (Canada): Dredging Set to Begin This Week

Dredging Cobourg Harbor

NEWS FLASH: COBOURG – Doug Chadwick of Chadwick’s Towing, using a remote control device, lowers the Town of Cobourg’s Versa Dredger into the Cobourg Harbour on Wednesday afternoon, April 7, in preparation of dredging the mouth of Cobourg harbour.

The dredger can pump 231 litres of sand and water per second. The mixture is pumped onto the Cobourg beach with the help of some of the 2,300 feet of 10-inch pipe. The tentative starting date of the dredging is April 15, and it’s expected 5,000 cubic metres will be removed from around the mouth of the harbour.

Reprinted from Dredging Today 

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