Beach Dredging

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Erosion of beach front property is a reality around the world. Nature always finds a way to erode a pristine beach and the owner, whether public or private, is required to restore the beach to maintain its real estate value or appearance for tourism.

Beach maintenance can be expensive, especially when contracted out to large regional dredge contractors. If annual beach maintenance is required for a beach property, IMS recommends investing in a transportable dredge to deploy during the low season and restore the beach to its top condition.

IMS Versi-Dredge for Beach Restoration

Investing in a one-truck transportable Versi-Dredge for beach restoration and dredging can provide significant cost savings for a resort or beachfront property owner. Hiring a beach restoration contractor can cost anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to several million dollars annually, depending on the size of the beach. For well under $1 million, a turn-key dredging system can be purchased and used for the next few decades, allowing the owner to continually control the shape and condition of their beach. The sand is typically pumped directly onto the beach and then a grader or bulldozer is used to spread the sand evenly or shape the beach to the owner’s specification.

The Versi-Dredge is also capable of building a beach by pumping sand onto low lying land. The Versi-Dredge has been successful with beach creation and replenishment on multiple beaches in Turks and Caicos, Belize, and Mexico.

The Versi-Dredge’s unique horizontal cutterhead design makes it ideal for coastline cleaning. When artificial islands or beaches are created in places like Dubai and Qatar, there is a tendency for silt and organics to accumulate after several years. The high dollar real estate must be maintained to preserve its value. The horizontal cutterhead, called the SolidsMaster, can remove layers of silt and organics from the coastlines to restore clarity, depth and property value. GPS is available for precision dredging.

If you would like to speak with someone about Versi-Dredge equipment and your beach restoration & dredging needs, call (866) 483-0014 or fill out our Project Information form.




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