Spray Dredging / Broadcasting

The IMS Bi-Directional Broadcaster Discharge Attachment can be used for side casting material onto a canal bank, maintaining a port channel and discharging back into the normal water current, or restoring wetland habitats. Many studies have proven the beneficial use of spray dredging, and sediment additions represent one of the most promising long term actions to restore and protect wetland areas.

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Versi-Dredge Capabilities

Attaching the IMS Bi-Directional Broadcaster gives you the ultimate freedom without anchor cables or pipelines. The self-propelled Versi-Dredge with the attachment can spray up to 24m (80 ft.) away. This allows for continuous uninterrupted dredging at peak production levels. The material is returned in gradual layers and settles in the grasses and vegetation onshore instead of in large piles that must be moved to a landfill.

By utilizing the IMS Bi-Directional Broadcaster Discharge Attachment on your Versi-Dredge system you will be able to use the Versi-Dredge for beneficial spray dredging of nutrients on marshes and wetlands adjacent to the waterway in the dredging area.

Spreading dredged material out on the marsh surface is one of the methods proposed for supplying mineral matter to sediment starved marshes. In addition, dredged material is being used in marshes to mitigate for the impacts of canal dredging. Plants in the sediment affected areas positively respond to increasing depths of added sediment, and plant height and cover were great with increasing sediment deposition from spray pipe dredging.

A birds eye view of Bay Island Drainage Districts IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge shows how the district uses spray dredging to quickly desilt their canal network and reducing discharge costs

Nutrient rich material sprayed from a Versi-Dredge settles on farmland and the water returns to the canal. No discharge sites or dewatering costs are associated with this methodology.

A 5012 LP Versi-Dredge sprays nutrient rich material on both sides of a drainage canal. The Broadcaster attachment is available on all Versi-Dredge models.



A 7012 HP Versi-Dredge® (2013 Model) in Southeast Asia using the Broadcaster to quickly deepen a navigation channel without using a de-watering site or a cumbersome pipeline.



A Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge® uses the IMS Broadcaster Discharge Attachment to spray nutrient rich mud onto mangroves in Trinidad.