Self Cleaning Debris Guard

Minimize downtime by greatly reducing pump and cutterhead clogs in debris rich environments. The Pump Defender is an advanced version of an auger cutterhead (horizontal cutterhead) debris screen that is designed to allow uninterrupted flow to the slurry pump while the cutterhead cleans it after every revolution. The cutterhead on a Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge will rotate 1 time per second, so every second the Pump Defender is cleaned to ensure maximum flow and minimize downtime.

Self Cleaning Debris Guard

"The Pump Defender is proven technology that has been tested on multiple projects. We installed the Pump Defender on dredges in SE Asia, the Caribbean and the United States and the reduction in downtime is exponential. We are seeing 90% less down time in areas where there is debris or light vegetation growing in the sand and sediment."

The Pump Defender has operated in heavily polluted waterways in SE Asia and reduced downtime by up to 90%. Additionally, the Pump Defender works well in heavy sea grass that can clog traditional debris guards and pumps.

Dredge operators will see the value of the Pump Defender. If they don’t have to shut down 8-9 times a day to clean off their debris screen then they can improve operating efficiency, save diesel fuel, reduce labor costs, and stay ahead of schedule.

An IMS Model 7012 Versi-Dredge® dredging sand and sea grass in the Caribbean.

The Pump Defender already replaces standard rock guards on the IMS Versi-Dredge models built between 2013-2016 and can be ordered through the EDT Parts Department at: [email protected]. The Pump Defender is available on new build Mud Cat models upon request, but can not be retrofitted to older models.

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