Bay Island Drainage District Selects An IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge … Again

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ILLINOIS – Bay Island Drainage District of New Boston, Illinois recently took delivery of a brand-new IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge for annual drainage canal maintenance. This is the district’s second 5012 LP. Their previous 5012 LP is approximately 25 years old and still functions well, but the district wanted to upgrade to a newer model. The material is side casted to both the port and starboard shorelines using the IMS Broadcaster spray discharge attachment. Spray dredging is a widely used environmentally friendly way to place nutrient rich materials on canal banks and wetlands to fertilize crops and other vegetation.
Spray Dredging
Above: Bay Island’s 5012 LP Versi-Dredge cutting a straight path down the center of the drainage canal and placing the sediment on shore and allowing the water to percolate back into the canal without the use of a spoils site.

“The new dredge works great! The increased efficiency with the patented Pump Defender® and the whole machine in general will make it a great asset to the Bay Island Drainage District. And a big thanks to Ryan Horton for setting everything up and Rob Carufel of EDT Field Service for his expertise on running the machine and training us,” said Jake Elliott, Board Member, Bay Island Drainage District.

Bay Island’s 5012 LP is a standard configuration unit with IMS’s Anti-Corrosion Package, patented Pump Defender technology, and patented Starwheel Drive® self-propulsion system. Another feature which really improved performance was IMS’s patented Traction Master® which automatically switches the speed and torque of the Starwheel paddles depending on where they are positioned. For example, when the operator is moving down the center of the canal in heavier winds the Starwheels are in the down position and switch from a high-speed paddle to a high-torque low-speed cleated-drive on the bottom of the canal. This leads to better traction and overall dredging performance.

Operators Cabin
Above: The 5012 LP Versi-Dredge’s climate-controlled operator’s cabin integrates all dredge functions into two easy-to-use joysticks mounted into an ergonomic chair. All dredge systems are integrated into the IQAN system which makes trouble shooting effortless.

“We really appreciate the continued trust in our products by our friends at Bay Island Drainage District. We were pleased to hear that the patented Pump Defender has been a game changer for the district who said it has significantly reduced downtime when compared to their 25-year-old Versi-Dredge which did not have the patented technology,” said Ryan Horton, Vice President. 

Spray Dredging
Above: The Broadcaster deposits a thin layer of silt on the shoreline as it moves down the canal.

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