Fountain Lake CDF Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Shell Rock River Watershed District (SRRWD) will today host a Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Fountain Lake Restoration Project Confined Disposal Facility (CDF).

“This is a historic day for the Shell Rock River Watershed District and our community. Years of planning, designing and engineering have gone into the construction of the CDF and this marks the first visible sign of the Fountain Lake Restoration Project,” said Brett Behnke, Administrator for the Watershed District.

IMS Versi-Dredge at Fountain Lake, Minnesota

A CDF is a dewatering site in the dredging process. When dredging takes place, there will be a mixture of water and sediment pumped to the disposal facility and the CDF will be used to settle sediment and siphon off the water.

The SRRWD and its partners have been proactive in their efforts to improve water quality in Fountain Lake. The ultimate sediment removal process is the culmination of a multiple year approach.

For years, projects were implemented at the top of the watershed to minimize the sedimentation that will occur after the project is completed and to maximize the water clarity throughout the watershed.

The District has identified that it will be using the Confined Disposal Facility (CDF) to dispose of the dredged material upstream of Fountain Lake.

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