Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge®

Introducing the IMS 5012 LP Versi-Dredge®.  This one truck transportable dredge features IMS’s patented Starwheel® drive self-propulsion system eliminating the need for cables or spuds. The 5012 LP is ideal for lake, canal, and river dredging projects. The 5012LP is a reliable dredge that has been used all over the world, including the United States, Philippines, and Ecuador for a variety of dredging applications.

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Transportability –  One truck transportable (fully assembled)
Propulsion – Self-Propelled w/ IMS patented Starwheel Drive
Nominal Pump Capacity1 – 795m³/hr (1,033yds³/hr)
Total Solids Capacity2 – 199m³/hr. (260 yds³/hr)
Dredging Depth – 6.7m (22 ft.)
Total Installed Power  – 242 kW (325 HP)
Dry Weight – 13,180 kg (30,445 lbs.)
Pipe Diameter – 305mm (12 in.)
Spherical Solids Passage – 152mm (6 in.)

Featured Equipment

• Joystick controls
• A climate-controlled operators’ cabin
• Two (2) swivel cranes 800 lbs. (363 kg)
• Closed-loop video monitor for discharge

Click here for a complete list of featured items.

Optional Equipment

• Weed rake
• WeedMaster™ cutterhead
• Pipe, hose, saddle floats
• Broadcaster discharge attachment
• Additional options available upon request

1 This represents total flow capabilities of the pump – water and solids.

2 This represents theoretical maximum solids production.  This is calculated based on 25% solids by volume and 1 complete hour cutting and pumping material.  This estimate does not take into account material properties, time used for positioning, pumping distance or elevation. Buyer should consult IMS for production estimates based specifically around their application.