IMS Versi-Dredge – Self-Propelled Dredges

If you find yourself answering YES to these questions, then the Versi-Dredge is the right dredge for your operation. Do you want a dredge that…

Maximum Dredging Depth: 22 ft. (6.7m) 22 ft. (6.7m) 30 ft. (9.1m)
Land Transport: One-Truck Transporable One-Truck Transporable One-Truck Transporable
Ocean Transport: Flat Rack or Break Bulk Flat Rack or Break Bulk Break Bulk
Draft: 30 in. (760 mm) 29 in. (790 mm) 35 in. (890 mm)
Hull Construction: 1/4 in. plate top and bottoms with 10 ga. steel sides. Hull reinforced with internal bulkheads and stiffeners and painted w/ a marine grade epoxy paint.
Anti-Corrossion (316 stainless hydraulic fittings, ladder lines, and hardware)
Engine Type: John Deere / Tier 3 Marine for stock units (Tier 4 Final is optional) John Deere / Tier 3 Marine for stock units (Tier 4 Final is optional) John Deere / Tier 3 Marine for stock units (Tier 4 Final is optional)
Engine Power: 375 HP (280 kW) 375 HP (280 kW) 500 HP (373 kW)
Pump Brand & Material: IMS Hardox Steel - Rubber Lined GIW Hi-Chrome (patented gasite white iron) GIW Hi-Chrome (patented gasite white iron)
Pump Performance (GPM): 3,500 gpm @ 65 ft. TDH 3,500 gpm @ 135 ft. TDH 5,000 gpm @ 141 ft. TDH
Pump Spherical Solids Passage: 6 in. (152 mm) 4 in. (101 mm) 5 in. (127 mm)
Pump Defender® self-cleaning debris guard for reducing downtime by up to 80%
300 ft. (91m) of roll flat discharge hose and floats:
Cutterhead Width: 108 in. (2,740 mm) 108 in. (2,740 mm) 135 in. (3,430 mm)
Cutterhead Torque: 23,885 in.-lbs 23,885 in.-lbs 23,885 in.-lbs
Self-Propelled (patented Starwheel Drive®)
Cable Drive*
Safety Package: life ring, marine first aid kit, life vests, fire extinguisher, hi-visibility steel handrails w/ kick plate for entire dredge
SolidsMaster CutterheadTM - (for dredging sand, silt, and sludge)
WeedMaster Cutterhead® - (for dredging vegetation) - patented Optional Optional Optional
Oversized premium climate controlled cab with port and starboard doors
Dual Joystick Controls for all Dredge functions:
Amenities: rear back up camera w/ color monitor, 360 degree spotlight, fan, interior lighting, CANbus system for easy trouble shooting, marine sound system, USB ports, dual horns, windshield wiper, digital depth gauge and oversized analog backlit gauges.
Slurry sample line w/ on/off switch in cab:
Start-Up and Training (includes air, hotel, meals and daily rate)
Dual Broadcaster Spray Dredging Attachment Optional Optional Optional
Dredging GPS system Optional Optional Optional
Dredge Navigation Lights w/ Day Shapes: Optional Optional Optional
Self-Launching Trailer: Optional Optional Optional

*The cable drive windlass, controls, and hydraulics are included. The travel cable, shore anchors / anchor lines, and cable grip pullers are optional.