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Mine Tailings Dredging

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Mine tailings are the natural byproduct of raw materials mining. As rocks and minerals are crushed and washed the effluent water carries the dust particles to settling ponds where the material is collected and eventually removed and hauled away for a secondary process or stored for long periods of time.   In many cases these byproducts commonly referred to as “fines” or “tailings” have high value (ex. gold tailings or coal fines) and can be mined again with a hydraulic dredging system and pumped to a dewatering or separation plant for reprocessing.

The Versi-Dredge can be used for clearing tailings ponds and direct feeding dewatering plants with the SolidsMaster cutterhead which can produce a continuous solids feed of 20-25% depending on the material.   In addition, the WeedMaster cutterhead can be used to remove cattails and other vegetation which commonly build up on the edges of these ponds.


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