Trimble GPS Package

The survey data is displayed on the operator’s screen and re-mapped in real time, based on the depth and location of the IMS SolidsMaster Cutterhead system. This allows the operator to maximize digging efficiency while providing a record of digging operations for their client(s).

The IMS GPS System tracks the following:

  • Dredge Position
  • Dredge Heading
  • Dredge Cutterhead Depth

The operator must upload an XYZ file or pre-dredging survey into the GPS laptop. This will allow the system to do the following:

  • Provide a history of dredging operations
    • Shows “as surveyed”
    • Shows “as dredged”
  • Cut real time profiles at the digging tool position
  • Update the “As Dredged” surface based on the depth of the digging tool
IMS Dredging GPS System

Real time sections in the IMS GPS program can be:

  • Plan view
  • Sectional views

The IMS Dredging GPS System is comprised of the following components:

  • Trimble MPS865 Receiver
  • Dual GA830 Antennas for dredge positioning and heading
  • Trimble Marine Construction Software (TMC) activated with dongle
  • Three LR970B Angle Sensors:
    • One in cab for pitch/roll
    • One mounted on ladder in submersible housing for ladder position
    • One mounted on cutter-head shroud for cutter position
  • 14” Panasonic Toughbook installed above right dash via mounting arm for data collection and display (removable for security purposes)
  • Installation of equipment at IMS factory
  • Field start-up and training services
  • ***OPTIONAL UPGRADE – Subscription for CenterPoint RTX: Precise Point Positioning (PPP) technology delivered via satellite for < 10 cm accuracy – Recommended. Annual fee under $2,000. Client can purchase subscription directly from Trimble.