IMS Patented Propulsion Technology

IMS's patented Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system is a customer driven concept that has made dredging easier by simply eliminating the entire cable rigging process and turning the dredge into a one man operation.

Operators no longer need to block off entire channels or shutdown a marina to cable rig for each boat slip which can sometimes be in the hundreds.

The Starwheel Drive system has simplified the dredging process so much that operators have reported production increases of up to 40% due to the fact that the dredge can immediately maneuver itself into position without the use of a dredge tender or anchor men.

The Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system consists of two independently driven paddle wheels that lower and rise independently of each other. Both Starwheels are variable speed allowing the dredge to virtually turn around in place inside the confines of a narrow waterway.

On the surface, the Starwheels act as paddle wheels allowing the dredge to proceed into its cut in light materials like sludge and soft mud.

On the bottom of a waterway, the Starwheels act as a positive traction drive system using the edges of the paddles to grab the bottom and use positive force to propel the dredge forward in sand, mud, and heavier materials.

The Starwheels provide heavy torque that can be felt in the operators chair so the operator knows when they are in the cut and moving forward into the material. The Starwheels can be lowered and operated at the level of maximum dredging depth.