GeoPool Video 1

An IMS GeoPool dewaters organic dredge slurry from the Golden Horn River in Istanbul, Turkey. The GeoPool dewaters at a much higher rate than geotextile bags.

GeoPool Video 2

Clear water filters out through an IMS GeoPool system and flows back clean into the Golden Horn River in Istanbul, Turkey. No polymers were required for this project.

GeoPool Video 3

An IMS Model 5012 LP Versi-Dredge pumps directly into an IMS GeoPool. The slurry is dark and comprised of fine organic materials. The IMS GeoPool is filtering the slurry to clear water and the sediment is retained in the GeoPool.

GeoPool Video 4

The GeoPool has been completely dewatered and the clean out gates can now be opened so an excavator can load the material into in a dump truck. Once the GeoPool is cleaned out it can be reused again and again unlike geotextile bags which are not reusable.

GeoPool Video 5

A US contractor dewaters fine clay slurry.

GeoPool Video 6

A GeoPool dewaters at a rapid rate as it reaches its capacity. The hi-tech fabric keeps the sediments trapped inside.