Channel Dredging

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Maintenance of navigation channels in rivers and ports is critical to commerce around the globe. If a channel gets blocked, boats and barges that businesses rely on come to a halt. Channel dredging ensures waterway traffic continues to flow smoothly and that it’s business as usual.

IMS Versi-Dredge for Channel Maintenance

The Versi-Dredge can open navigation channels with ease. The IMS Depth Master can maintain deeper channels from 12m to 18m in depth. The dredge can be hooked up to a standard pipeline and pump material to a dewatering site onshore. Another option is fitting the IMS Bi-Directional Broadcaster attachment to the discharge; if permitted by local authorities, sediment can then be sprayed out of the channel and back into the natural current.

The Versi-Dredge and Depth Master are cost-effective solutions for navigation channel maintenance at ports. Both product lines are self-propelled and easily transportable. The maximum 305mm discharge line makes the discharge manageable when dewatering space is limited. The optional GPS system allows the operator to maneuver the dredge cutter into the existing channel design and remove no more than is necessary to fulfill the maintenance contract. The cuts can be tracked against the pre-dredging survey to show the client that the contract has been completed within scope.

The IMS JetMaster technology allows the operator to turn the hydraulic pump off on the dredge and use 250 psi (17.2 bar) water jets to put silt into suspension and let the natural current take the material away – commonly known as “water injection dredging.” This feature requires no discharge line and is becoming more common in ports around the globe.

If you would like to speak with someone about Versi-Dredge equipment and your channel maintenance & dredging needs, call (866) 483-0014 or fill out our Project Information form.



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