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Dredge Contractor
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Electric/Water Utility

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5. Please tell us about your project:

5.1 The type of work for which the dredge will be used (select all that apply):

Land Reclamation
Canal and Waterway Maintenance
Canal and Waterway Construction
River Dredging

5.2 The location of the project is (select one):

5.3 Equipment requirements:

Dredging Diagram


*Unit of Measure
Maximum discharge distance
Minimum discharge distance
Normal discharge distance
Maximum terminal elevation
Maximum digging depth
Minimum digging depth
Average digging depth
Length of floating pipeline
Length of shore pipeline
5.4 Material characteristics:
5.4.1 Please list all material to be dredged on this project. Indicate percentages if known.Please, forward sieve analysis if available.
Indicate Approx. %
Peat %
Sludge, Mud %
Silt 0.01 mm %
Fine Sand 0.1 mm %
Medium Sand 0.3 mm %
Coarse Sand 1.0 mm %
Clay (See section 5.4.2) %
Gravel Up to 1” (25 mm) %
Gravel 1” to 3” (25 to 75 mm) %
Gravel Over 3” (75 mm) %
Vegetation (See section 5.4.3) %
Other materials: %
Other materials: %

5.4.2 Clay present in the deposit has one or more of the following characteristics:

Mixed with Sand
Mixed with Gravel
Mixed with Silt

5.4.3 Vegetation is of the following nature:

Tree Roots Water Hyacinths
Tree Stumps Papyrus
Mangroves Cattails
Swamp Grass

5.4.4 The materials to be dredged on this project are:

Loose and free-flowing
Hard and compacted
Please provide Blow Count (SPT) information if available:

6. Production requirements:

Please supply:

Desired production rate for the dredge:
m3/hr Yard3/hr


Volume of material to be dredged
m3 Yard3
and time frame to do the dredging: months the dredge will be operating
days of operation per month
hours of operation per day

7. Ambient conditions:

Calm water:
Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever
Rough water:
Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever

Waves less than 3 ft

(90 cm) high:

Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever
Currents of 1 to 3 knots:
Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever
Currents over 3 knots:
Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever
Winds less than 20 miles per hour Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever
Winds over 20 miles per hour Continuously Occasionally Hardly ever


8. Main power source for the dredge:

Diesel engines installed aboard dredge
Electric current from shore: volts

9. Timing:

The dredge should be ready for operation on this project no later than

10. Target Budget

in U.S. $

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