Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredge Jetmaster

Introducing the 7012 HP JetMaster dredge. This state-of-the-art vessel features two independent high-pressure water pumps that are integrated vertically through wells on both the port and starboard catamaran sections of the dredge.  This versatile dredge operates in two individual modes jet excavation and environmental dredging, making it one of the most unique pieces of dredging equipment in the industry. The 7012 HP Versi-Dredge JetMaster is ideal for a  marina, port, and river dredging applications.

Detailed Specifications Videos

  • Transportability – One truck transportable (fully assembled)
  • Propulsion – Self-propelled w/IMS patented Starwheel drive
  • Nominal pump capacity1  – 1,135m³/hr. (1,475yds³/hr.)
  • Total solids capacity2  284 m³hr. (371 yds³ /hr.)
  • Dredging depth – 9.1 m (30 ft.)
  • Total installed power – 410 kW (550 HP)
  • Dry weight –  23,450 kg (51,700 lbs.)
  • Pipe diameter – 304 mm (12 in.)
  • Spherical solids passage – 127 mm (5 in.)

JetMaster Systems Specs

  • Water pump flow – 500 GPM (31.5 liters/sec.) peak
  • Pressure rating – 170 psi (1.17 mpa) peak per nozzle
  • Jet nozzle -24 total (2 on each side, 20 across top)
  • Jet flow per nozzle – 19.2 GPM (1.21 liter /sec)
  • Controls –  On / ff switch-adjustable flow

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Jet Excavation Mode

When the operator encounters more compact sands or a clay lense, the 100 HP JetMaster system can be turned ON and force 500+ gallons per minute of water through 24 jet nozzles, positioned on the top and sides of the SolidsMaster Cutterhead shroud, that produce 170 psi each. The high-pressure jets help slurry compacted materials and increase production volume.

Environmental Dredging Mode

Standard dredging operation with the (patent pending) JetMaster switched OFF allows the operator to remove loose and moderately compacted materials with the environmental shrouded SolidsMaster Cutterhead that is ideal for low turbidity dredging applications.





1 This represents total flow capabilities of the pump – water and solids.

2 This represents theoretical maximum solids production.  This is calculated based on 25% solids by volume and 1 complete hour cutting and pumping material.  This estimate does not take into account material properties, time used for positioning, pumping distance or elevation. Buyer should consult IMS for production estimates based specifically around their application.