Istanbul, Turkey

Prototype 4

IMS had the opportunity to demonstrate the GeoPool – 4 Prototype during the remediation of the Golden Horn River located in Istanbul Turkey. The project initially utilized a Tri-Flo mechanical dewatering system to manage the dredging slurry. However, the Tri-Flo system could not handle the fine particles in the effluent.

Istanbul, Turkey

Fine organic particles remaining in the water produced a black effluent discharge. The sediment dredged from the river was a fine silt material impacted by high organic waste and debris. The GeoPool technology was deployed to replace the Tri-Flo dewatering system.

The non-organics in the spoil tended to settle on the inside surface of the pool, blocking the filters

Given the high volume/low mass of the built frames the GeoPool system was fabricated locally in order to reduce project costs. We worked with a company in turkey to construct Prototype 4 system, which involved larger frames (6 feet tall); bolted together with heavier frames and mesh; and used metal straps to secure the fabric to the frames.

This proto-type also included a more efficient, higher volume door for releasing bulk water. We developed individually-controlled, multi-opening, high-volume dump doors.

14,000 cubic yards of material was dredged and placed in the Geo-Pool.

Lessons learned:

The only issue we found on dry down with prototype 4 was when the operator, without our knowledge or consultation, used a clam shell bucket to dig out a section of the Geo-Pool. This created an area that the material being pumped into the pool did not fill evenly, causing a wet spot that took longer to dry than the rest of the pool.

It took approximately one month for the pool to dry, as the pool sat over a 10 foot deep crater. In addition, operators kept filling the pool well past the recommended point that we would have stopped and dried it down (6″ from the top). They would let it sit for a week and as the material shrank as it dried down, they would then pump more material into the pool.

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