IMS Introduces 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge

New Richmond, WI – IMS is pleased to announce the patent pending 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge. The new technology allows for heavy duty water jet excavation of consolidated materials, environmental dredging and water injection dredging.
“We designed the JetMaster to increase the versatility of the 7012 HP. There is no other dredge in the world that has the ability to excavate compacted materials, perform water injection dredging, and then convert into a low turbidity environmental dredge system. This expanded capability allows our customers to tackle a wider variety of projects and contracts with minimal incremental capital investment. Instead of purchasing three types of dredges they can now purchase just one,” says Ryan Horton, IMS Vice President.

The JetMaster has 100 HP (75 kW) dedicated to two independent high pressure water pumps integrated vertically through wells on both the port and starboard catamaran hull sections on the Versi-Dredge. The 26 high pressure nozzles on the top and sides of the cutterhead shroud are protected with heavy duty armor plating to prevent damage when the operator is pushing the SolidsMaster into the material or when undercutting above water solids. The nozzles have a maximum output of 500 gpm (31.5 lps). Each nozzle produces an impressive 250 psi (17.2 bar) to break up and liquefy consolidated materials.

The IMS 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge has three different modes that make it one of the most versatile hydraulic dredges in the industry. The 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge can operate at a maximum depth of 33 ft. (10m) in all three JetMaster modes.

JetMaster Mode 1: JET EXCAVATION

When the dredge operator encounters compacted sand, cohesive clay, or above water solids, the JetMaster system can be switched on to break up and liquefy the material for the slurry pump. The JetMaster is also effective when dredging above water solids like a high sand bar or a river bank.


The JetMaster also has the capability of turning the Versi-Dredge into a highly maneuverable water injection dredger. This is ideal for maintenance dredging of marinas, ports and river channels when a current flow exists. The operator can simply turn the slurry pump and cutterhead off and then switch the JetMaster on. The JetMaster puts the sediment into suspension where the natural water current flow will carry it downstream or out to sea. The Versi-Dredge’s patented Starwheel Drive self-propulsion system allows the dredge to maneuver up and down the waterway or into marina slips with little effort. Like all Versi-Dredges, the 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge is one truck transportable so moving the dredge from port to port for different jobs is very easy and cost effective.


When sensitive environmental dredging is required, the JetMaster can simply be turned off with a flick of a switch, and the standard SolidsMaster cutterhead can be utilized with IMS’s unique environmental shroud that minimizes turbidity. The Starwheel drive system can propel the dredge using surface propulsion mode, and the optional dredging GPS system can track precise cuts.

“The 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge will give our customers the ability to bid on more tenders with a single piece of equipment instead of purchasing multiple types of dredgers which is not cost effective,” says Michael Young, IMS Technical Sales Manager.

The 7012 HP JetMaster Versi-Dredge is immediately available from stock. For more information, please contact Ryan Horton, IMS Vice President at [email protected]

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