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IMS 7012 HP Exceeds Expectations Dredging Sand in Liberia

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - BAM International, a Dutch construction company, was awarded a contract by APM Terminals to operate a 25-year concession at the Port of Monrovia by the Liberian Government. BAM International signed a contract with Eligoz Industrial Liberia toRead more

IMS 7012 HP Operates 24/7 to meet Deadline at Saudi Seawater Intake Lagoon

DAMMAM, SAUDI ARABIA - A major oil company in Saudi Arabia has awarded Murjan Al-Sharq for Marine Services (MSMS)., via open tender process, a contract to dredge a sea water plant. The project required the contractor to remove 86,000m³ (111,800Read more

Contractor Uses Portable Dredge to Mine Sand

“The Versi-Dredge® is the most cost-effective piece of equipment to remove sand from underneath a water cover.” With 24 years of experience in the contracting business under his belt, Delmer (“Nick’) Nickels, President of Bond Construction, Inc. of Wyoming, Michigan,

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Silica Dredger Finds Success with Unique Dredge

“We had heavy pea soup coming out the other end,” is the way Hugh “Hoot” Jellum describes the discharge from the pumping system working in his holding pond. Jellum is busy clearing the top 18 feet out of a 17-acre

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