GeoPool® Competitive Advantages



GeoPools® are low cost and reusable. IMS GeoPool® fabric can be easily replaced if it wears out. This innovative advantage helps the end user control dewatering costs. The price to re-line a GeoPool® after several uses is typically between less than the price of a single geotextile tube.
The GeoPool’s® robust steel construction is hot dip galvanized and made to last. The GeoPool’s® patent pending Clean-Out Gates allow the pool to be cleaned out and be put immediately back into service again and again.
Modular frames can be added to GeoPools® to change their size and additional pools may be added if the end user wants to split the discharge line. GeoPool’s® work with all portable dredges and can be used with any make or model. IMS recommends two (2) appropriately sized pools per dredge system so one can be filled while the other is cleaned out. This allows for continuous operation.
Rapid Dewatering
The GeoPool’s® patent pending Dump Door allows for rapid release of settled surface water instead of filtering strictly through the fabric like geotextile bags are designed to do. This speeds up the dewatering process and lowers costs. A dry down before cleanout takes as little as 72-96 hrs. Ultra fine materials and sludges can take up to several weeks depending on conditions.
The GeoPool® is not for just one type of material. The GeoPool® can dewater silt, sand, sludge, clay, tailings, and vegetation.
Low Labor Cost
Once set-up the GeoPool® only takes one man to operate and maintain.
No moving mechanical parts that can break or cause the operation to cease.
No Energy Required
No electricity or diesel fuel burning engines are required in the dewatering process which reduces overall dewatering costs.
Low Maintenance
Changing fabric and emptying a pool after dry down is the most maintenance you will likely need to perform.
Chemicals Not
Polymers are not required in many cases.  When regulators require very low total suspended solids in the effluent, a polymer or flocculant can be introduced.  Certain ultra fine materials will benefit from polymers.
Easy to Set-Up
IMS recommends 2-4 men with impact wrenches between 2-4 days to assemble a single pool depending on size..
No Dirt Required
No dirt is required to construct a GeoPool®. Standard spoils sites require truck after truck of expensive direct to construct a 4-wall earthen spoils site. Never again with the GeoPool® system.
GeoPools® can be set up in multiple locations to reduce long pumping distances and multiple spoils site set-up costs.
IMS can include the GeoPool® with your dredging package and finance it all. Not buying an IMS Dredge…no problem as IMS can finance the GeoPool® for you by itself. Never before has dewatering been more affordable and accessible.