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About IMS
Self-Propelled Dredges

     5012 LP Versi-Dredge®
     5012 HP Versi-Dredge®
     7012 HP Versi-Dredge®
     7012 HP JetMaster™
     Depth Master™ Dredger
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IMS Division of Liquid Waste Technology, LLC. is the world's leader in design and construction of one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems.

With hundreds of dredging systems world wide in over 45 countries around the globe, IMS Dredges estimates it has the majority of the global market share for one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems.

Model Discharge Diameter Max. Dredging Depth Sand / Silt Dredging
(HD-1 Tech)
Vegetation Dredging
(HD-2 Tech)
Self-Propulsion Type Transportability Quick Info
5012 LP Versi-Dredge 12 in.
(305 mm)
22 ft.
Yes Yes Starwheel Drive 1-truck Specs Animation Videos Photos
5012 HP Versi-Dredge 10 in.
(254 mm)
22 ft.
Yes No Starwheel Drive 1-truck Specs Animation Videos Photos
7012 HP Versi-Dredge 12 in.
(305 mm)
30 ft.
Yes Yes Starwheel Drive 1-truck Specs Animation Videos Photos
Depth Master 40
12 in.
(305 mm)
40 ft.
Yes No Dual Prop-Drive 1-truck Coming Soon!
Depth Master 55
12 in.
(305 mm)
55 ft.
Yes No Dual Prop-Drive 2-truck Specs Animation Videos Photos
Depth Master 60
12 in.
(305 mm)
60 ft.
Yes No Dual Prop-Drive 2-truck Coming Soon!

IMS designs and fabricates its Versi-Dredge® product line, Depth Master™ product line, and supporting dredge equipment at its state-of-the-art 90,000 ft2 (8,361m2) facility in New Richmond, WI (only 40 minutes East of Minneapolis / St. Paul International Airport).

IMS's facility is the largest dredge production facility in the Americas with twice the production capacity of any single dredge manufacturer.

IMS has the ability to customize cutterheads, pumping systems, and propulsion systems to meet the customer's project requirements.

IMS has been recognized for its international growth with an export award. IMS's strength comes from its pursuit of international expansion. By building a network of representatives, consultants, and service technicians, IMS has more support in foreign markets than any other U.S. one truck transportable dredge builder.


A client uses 2 x Model 7012 HP Versi-Dredges to dredge sand out of the Niger River.
The 12 inch (305mm) discharge line from both 7012 HP dredgers is shown in the video.

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